Synopsis For thousands of years, human intelligence and insight has created a panorama of profound wisdom and powerful healing techniques that have evolved within traditional cultures around the planet.
 Project Details   Many of these traditions have been passed down for generations from Teacher to Student, from Shaman to Novice, from Guru to Chela, and from Medicine Men to their apprentices. The communities in each of these ancestral cultures provided fertile soil that supported the cultivation of wisdom and the pursuit of knowledge by untold millions of spiritual seekers throughout history.

For many of these traditional societies, the arrival of European civilization was a huge culture shock that disturbed their heritage of balance between spiritual and secular life. As a result, some of the wisdom of ancient practices has already been lost, and many other traditions are threatened with extinction.


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Through video documentaries, eBOOKS, internet portals, and web logs (blogs), Quest For Tomorrow will embark on a journey of re-discovery to unlock the secrets of ancient wisdom and explore the knowledge of ancestral practices. The extremely valuable and profound resources of so many traditional cultures are at risk of disappearing forever, but through the window of access that Quest For Tomorrow will create, these traditions will not only be preserved, they will become available to modern society so they may contribute to the healing of our planet and the development of harmony for 21st century global civilization.