Quest for Tomorrow is a video documentary, eBOOK and website multimedia series that visits various aboriginal sites around the globe. It documents the experiences of the Incas and Mayans of Central and South America, the First Nations of North America, the Hindu, Buddhist and Jain cultures of South Asia, the Sufi mystics and Zoroastrian Sages of Persia, and the Taoist and Shinto masters of the far East, among others. QFT will travel to sacred places and spiritual powerspots around the planet, discovering the beauty of ancient temples, the awe of natural wonders and the personal experiences of the indigenous people who live nearby.
 Project Details

Each one-hour episode will follow our host, who will travel in search of individuals from one of the local cultures who are pursuing their quest for perpetuating the ancient knowledge of their society. A series of eBOOKS will further document each culture and accompany every documentary. During the making of each episode, and following its release, a webpage will post additional pictures and video footage, with background information about the traditions of each culture, along with interviews of individuals who live in each society. A Web Log (blog) and discussion forum will be maintained for each episode where the QFT creators, subject participants, and interested members of the public can communicate and interact.

The Quest For Tomorrow plan is to produce a series of documentaries that will explore the wisdom and healing arts of ancient civilizations. This series is being planned as a series of broadcast documentaries, to be produced by The Media Group, which would also be released on DVD. First Byte Software Inc., in conjunction with itís associated company Emanation Press, would participate in the development of the Quest For Tomorrow series through the publication and distribution of a series of softcover books associated with each episode, along with the development of an internet portal site for the series. This QFT website could provide both promotion and distribution for the DVDs, printed versions of the eBOOKS, and broadcast events, and could also provide a platform for member forums as well as a means of electronically distributing written and visual content such as articles, reviews, photographs and film clips. By attracting a large number of visitors and members to the site, it would also have e ng income from advertising sources (travel agencies, healing products, etc) as well as from affiliate programs.

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